Jewellery thelipstickdiaries and E-Mute

“Without deviation from the norm, progress is not possible.” ― Frank Zappa

Maria my partner, after finishing her MBA degree worked as a marketing executive. Perfectly equipped for the job, she worked full time in the London software industry for three years. In July 2013 and very unexpectedly, she decided to quit to start her own jewellery business. Like myself, she wants what she wants and goes that route.

After I quit playing music for a living to focus solely on my own music making, I was lucky enough to work for Google as a contracted Google representative. A great job where I learned a lot and work that was flexible enough to fit my music.

Marias’ jewellery business, after a difficult first eight months for both of us had picked up:

Maria was super busy and was thinking to hire someone to help her. We were always flirting with the idea of working together so we decided to go for it.

Jewellery thelipstickdiaries and E-Mute

Now our every day life routine includes coffee drinking, cutting out sheet metal, piano, vocal and drum practising, metalsmithing, songwriting, soldering, packaging, order processing, social media, SEO, blog posting, and all that. Oh. And spending some quality time with our dog Mozart.

Music making and jewellery making.

Visit the jewellery making website and Marias’ social media channels below: