Numark 4trak by Musician’s Friend

musiciansfriend.com Numark 4Trak

I’m not a DJ but I’m thinking to get this to play a bit with different sounds and hopefully come up with some interesting stuff. It’s the Numark 4trak:
”…Four decks of software control, a four-channel mixer and total command over all effects: Meet 4TRAK, the ultimate controller for Traktor DJ software. 4TRAK lays out a vast assembly of tactile controls in front of you, putting a playground of capability at your fingertips. Mix anything: 4TRAK’s built-in four-channel mixer allows you to bring turntables, microphones, MP3 players and more into the mix. Tweak everything: High-resolution platters, exclusive Strip Search needle-drop technology and an expansive 12-knob FX KOMMAND CONSOLE give you more precise control over Traktor than ever before…”

musiciansfriend.com Numark 4Trak

Sometimes you have to experiment with different gear to broaden your musical horizons me thinks! 🙂


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