How to Promote Your Tracks on Soundcloud (the easy way)

How to Promote Your Music on Soundcloud

Soundcloud is a huge platform, a web-based tool for music and every musician needs to have a presence there. Its music sharing features are great. You can upload your tracks and keep them private, or only share them to a few people by sharing private links, have your tracks available for a free download or add a buy link to them.

How to Promote Your Music on Soundcloud

Soundcloud’s stats are also great, you can see how many people have been listening to your songs, from where they are and if they have favourited, reposted or have commented on them. Soundcloud except from being a great tool to share your tracks to, for example, music bloggers and radio stations it is also a social media platform where people register to listen and discover fresh music. It is one of the most popular music discovery websites out there.

The problem is that there are a lot of musicians  already on there so music discovery does not happen on its own. Musicians need to work a lot to gain visibility on the platform with almost 95% of the time failing to do so. I have been using a Soundcloud management app that really does wonders for you and your music on there. It is an automation software with lots of features basically putting your whole Soundcloud account to auto pilot. What you can do with it is phenomenal. Personally speaking, I do not use every feature available. I mainly just use the auto-share to groups function and the follow/unfollow method to gain more targeted followers. But you can literally put your Soundcloud promotion and marketing strategy on autopilot without having to pay others to do it for you. You can even increase your track streams, comments and likes. I wouldn’t recommend that feature but hey… if you want you can use it.  You can definitely increase your reach in the platform and also if you want to boost stats: Get real Soundcloud plays, followers, likes, comments, reposts and shares! Martin, the developer of the software is a great guy and always replies super quickly to e-mails if you have any questions. Awesome guy. Check it out here and make up your mind: Soundcloud Manager

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