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I interviewed Marvin Kuijs one of the people behind iPluggers. iPluggers is a radio promotion company. Their mission? To send independent music to radio stations. When I first found out about their service and did my research online I’ve read lots of good things about them, and decided to promote the latest E-Mute single release Praise Your Senses. 

You can get a free download of the song from Soundcloud:

I was very happy with the outcome in fact; I got much better results than the traditional radio plugging service that I used some time ago and combined with the awesome fact that Soundcloud featured the song on their Explore What’s Up & Coming section of their website Praise Your Senses has reached many new ears.

The concept behind iPluggers is simple yet very effective. As an artist, create an artist profile, send your music to them and if it is approved from the iPluggers A & R team, then they send it off to radio stations that fit your genre. Now what makes it interesting is that radio stations that iPluggers send your music to are stations that have registered with the service, waiting for new releases through iPluggers. There are a few different options of similar services out there , BUT the majority just sends out horrible e-mail blasts to lots of industry contacts, basically spamming the world. Not ideal. iPluggers is different.


Check out what Marvin had to say:

iPluggers1) When and why did you start iPluggers?

We started iPluggers back in 2011 for several reasons. For musicians the most

important way to get heard and get more fans is airplay. Traditional plugging is a

major investment that certainly independent musicians cannot afford in these times.

iPluggers makes it easier and affordable for artists to get airplay and increase

their fan base. Labels, artists and bands no longer solely depend on major

investments in traditional plugging to get their music on air. Not only that,

iPluggers promotes music worldwide in every genre. With over 30.000 stations our

global reach makes it possible for us to give out an airplay guarantee on each

release we promote.

2) Do you think that radio plugging is still important? Is streaming

something that is step by step replacing traditional radio?

Streaming is a great way for an artist to digitally connect with his existing fans.

The problem is: how do you as a potential fan know that there is an new artist or

a new song? How does an artist create new fans? How do people that love the genre

music an artist makes find him and his music?

That is why radio and music channels such as MTV will never die. People loved to

discover new music and preferably new music that is curated for them.

3) iPluggers has its own A&R team. Out of all music submissions, how do you

choose the music that is then sent to the radio stations?

It’s not a typical A&R process where taste and music preferences play a role. If we

can answer Yes to the following questions, a release is suitable to be promoted to

radio stations worldwide:

1) are the recordings good enough for radio?

2) is the release vocally up to par? (out of tune vocals are a no-no)

3) are the arrangements played well / rhythmically correct?

4) is the artwork professional?

5) is the artist profile (online airplay kit) and its content as effective and

professional as it can be?

4) why choosing iPluggers over a traditional radio plugger?

We are not a replacement for a traditional radio promoter.

The ideal scenario would be to use traditional plugging and digital radio promotion

via iPluggers hand-in-hand.

But if you are an independent artist with limited funds then we definitely

recommend iPluggers above a traditional radio promoter. Traditional radio promoters

are very expensive and usually only promote your release in one country to the

national stations. As an independent artist it is almost impossible to get airplay

on these stations. You could very well end up spending a lot of money with nothing

in return.

But most artists are still stuck in the last century: these days every artist

can sell his music worldwide via iTunes and other digital stores. If you sell it

worldwide, why not promote your music worldwide so you can establish a worldwide



Here’s the experience the band Bongomatik had in using iPluggers for their

worldwide radio promotion:


Genre: Latin / Pop / Jazz

JJA Jazz Awards nominee

We choose iPluggers for our radio promotion due to its enormous reach and network:

iPluggers spreads our music to radio stations we could have never reached by


Before we started looking into digital radio promotion we hired a traditional radio

promoter which would promote our single to radio stations in The Netherlands. Costs

were approx. € 2500,–. Although we gained some airplay from his activities, we

found that with traditional radio promotion getting insight in the results is not

always that easy.

When we started working with iPluggers, the costs of radio promotion of a single is

about 10% of what we’d normally pay, we have direct insight in the results and we

reach radio stations worldwide instead of being limited to our own country.

Their website makes it very easy to retrace the actual airplay and downloads by

radio stations. Our music gets played on stations worldwide. We would recommend

artists that have the resources to pay for traditional radio promotion, to do both

traditional and digital radio promotion.

Every band or record label should consider using iPluggers for their (digital)

radio promotion: they just do what they promise to do and the communication with

them is extremely smooth.


5) Do you think that radio play is influencing album sales?

This depends on some factors:

1) How big is the audience of the radio station your music is played on

2) What is the frequency of plays

3) And most important: does the audience like your music?

If the audience loves your music, airplay will definitely influence streams, album

sales and fanbase.

6) Do you receive music submissions from indie artists only or also from

labels? If yes what kind of labels? Indie or major labels too?

We receive submissions from both indie and major labels. We do a lot for a.o Roton

(label of INNA), ZYX Music, The Orchard. But we also work for independent artists

and labels such as SELLABAND, Innercat Music, JTV Digital, Record Union and AMAdea

Music. Music

7) we have all heard the term “Payola” regarding radio play and major label

artists. What do you think about it? 

“Payola” kills the music industry as hits can be bought and that is certainly not

a good thing. “Payola” is something that still happens. There are also online

companies that offer “Payola”. You can buy 50 spins for $100. The problem is

that all these radio stations are owned by the company that sells the spins.

These stations have 0,1 listeners due to poor or non existent marketing and the

alternating quality of the music played. So you end up paying for an illusion.

8) who’s the most successful artist that has used iPluggers?

We have promoted music from major artists such as Snoop Dogg, Gigi D’Agostino, Kat Deluna, INNA, Alexandra Stan, Coolio, Haddaway, Ell-Nikki (winners Eurovision Song Contest 2011), Beenie Man, Shifty Binzer (former front man of Crazy Town), Chenoa, Obie Trice and Bobby Farrell

But do remember, we are part of the team that’s behind every successful artist:

success stories are never done by just one party.

9) Have your say:

Please use iPluggers as a part of your total marketing plan not as the ONLY

marketing tool. Our plugging needs to go hand in hand with other marketing efforts.

For example: a band that has no fanbase, does not perform, has no other online

presence whatsoever, will have a hard time generating airplay.

To get airplay as an independent artist is one of the most difficult things in

the music industry. We at iPluggers are so glad that we can help independent and

established artists with this challenge!

Great stuff!
Theo, E-MUTE

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Mozart The Poochon Puppy Helping Out With Piano Playing


It’s Sunday. I sat down at the piano to do some songwriting. Mozart was sitting next to me and he started begging me to take him on my lap. Everytime I do take him on my lap he ends up climbing on the piano exploring. He does have the right name for it to be fair! It’s kind of funny so I decided to film it!

Poochon Puppies Wikipedia:
The Poochon is a designer breed, the offspring of a Poodle and a Bichon Frise. The Poochon became particularly popular through crossbreeding programs in Australia from the late 1990s. Key to their development was the coordinated effort by Chevromist Kennels in Melbourne in bringing together various breeders aiming to develop the breed. This breed of dog was developed to suit families wanting a small breed that was suitable for most people with allergies to dogs; the breeders were looking for a healthy, outgoing small dog with a non-shedding wool coat that would get along well with children. They are very popular in Australia due to their exceptional temperaments, robustness and non-shed coats. The Poochon typically has the shorter and more rounded muzzle of the Bichon Frise, and this can be seen from the time they are puppies. Poochons have variable coat colours and markings.

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The Enterprise in Camden. Music venue review & videos from the night

So we booked a gig at The Enterprise in Camden across from Chalk Farm tube station on Friday the 30th of January. It was an alternative rock night with another 4 bands. In violet, Desert Clouds, The Old Border and Max Maguire. When you first visit the place you do not actually realise that this is a music venue. This is always a disappointment for me. A friend who wanted to come and see us left because he thought that he went to the wrong Enterprise. It looks like a nice normal traditional pub. There’s a cheeky narrow staircase that takes you up to the venue that looks more like a big living room rather than a music venue. It is very small but quite nice and the sound on stage was decent. People said it sounded good to their ears too. The sound engineer was very helpful and overall it was a good night! Here’s a photo, me on the left, the ound engineer and members of the other bands!

The Enterprise Camden an Alternative Rock night

My favourite from all the other bands was Desert Clouds. A trio (bass and two guitars) that managed to keep you listening.

After the soundcheck and before the gig we had a few beers and dinner downstairs (I just had a couple of beers and no food because I cannot sing on a full stomach) but Emil’s burger looked amazing…!

Hot Vox the promoters:

”at this renowned Camden venue, these bands are storming London’s music scene and creating a buzz all around them. At the heart of a buzzing area, all of London’s hottest bands on the rise will pass through their doors at some point”

This is Miracle Live at the Enterprise in Camden:


“Life is just a miracle
No matter what we’re thinking, so?
Oh no
What are we living no
Unfortunate circumstance
Its driving us to nowhere land
Open your eyes to see again
What you’ve become, my God
In what a state you are
Living in times of violence
Of fear and absolution
Its time to stand up for yourself
Its time to face your lonely self

And I, looking straight up to the sky
Facing fears I can’t deny;
All I want to see is a clue
cause I don’t remember you

Life is just a vehicle
No matter what we’re thinking so?
Oh no
What we were thinking no
A common known avoidance
Its turning Earth to wasteland
Heaven and Hell is everywhere
That makes life such an odd
in what a state we are
Sharing the same experience,
While looking for solution
Its time to look deep in ourselves
Its time to investigate ourselves

And I, looking straight up to the sky,
Facing fears I can’t deny,
All I want to see is a clue cause I don’t remember
I, looking straight up to the sky, facing fears I can’t deny,
All I want to see is a clue cause I don’t remember you.

And I, looking straight up to the sky, facing fears YOU can’t deny,
All I want to see is a clue cause I don’t remember you.”

This is Clock Moves Forward Live at The Enterprise in Camden:

An unwanted journey to the other side, the twisted side the wicked side,
Undelivered promise that you’re making the wanted side the trusted side,
Who can tell when that game begins, a case of sins where no one believes,
It’s a case of give and take and if you break you destroy the take

The clock moves forwards when life goes backwards,
Sane conclusions of past confusions, The older you get the wiser
Don’t worry

A coded message from your inner self, the twisted self the wicked self,
Needs de-coding to relief yourself , the wanted self the trusted self,
Who can tell when that game begins ,a case of sins, where no one believes,
It’s a case of give and take and if you break you destroy the take
Don’t worry

Thanks for reading!

Theo, E-Mute

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