The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Singing Apps Vol.1

Warm Me Up app

So I am an iPhone user and I have been using a few apps for my singing that I find very useful. They’re great for quick warm-ups before gigs and practise and also great to keep your vocal cords battle ready.

The first one that I wanted to talk about is called Warm Me Up.

This is actually the first app that I started using and it is absolutely brilliant. You have a few different options to customise your preferences.

Warm Me Up!: The app generates a warm up session for you. You can choose how long you want your warm up to last.

Warm Me App Main Menu

My Warm Ups: mix and match your favourite exercises and create your own routine.

Browse Exercises:

Set up from Gentle Start, Getting Warmer, Extending The Range, Mouth Workout, Tuned Up. Every section has a unique set of exercises to choose from.

Warm Me Up options

In settings, you can adjust your exercises to fit your range. Low/High female and Low/High male. I tried a few different apps and this is a feature that would have been expected but unfortunately not all apps have it which is something that I find very strange. It is very important:

Warm Me Up settings

What I love about Warm Me Up is that first of all the sound is great the piano and vocals are very well recorded so singing along is an absolute joy.

Every exercise starts with a few bars of examples so that you know what you are doing. The app never crashes and it is very straight forward and user friendly!

Try it out, highly recommended! You can also follow them on Twitter (opens tab in a new window) here:


Here’s some further info about the team from their “About” section:

The Warm Me Up team have warmed up singers across the globe including the casts of Jersey Boys, Wicked, Mamma Mia and Les Mis.

Luke, Vicky and David met on the original Australian production of Jersey Boys, and have backgrounds not only in musical direction, but as singing teachers, professional vocalists and vocal coaches.

From Broadway to the West End, from The Voice™ to the world of professional Opera, as well as the incredible community choirs, schools and glee clubs, the team are thrilled that singers all over the world have been looking after their voices better than ever with Warm Me Up!


Luke Hunter, Vicky Jacobs and David Young


John O’Hara and Lisa-Marie Parker

Sound Engineer

Mick Rafferty


Lawrence Kendall

Go ahead, download it (iPhone here), (Android here) and sing your heart out. Perfect for practising singing, warming up before a gig or any vocal cord related activities of yours.

Thanks for reading!


Theo, E-Mute

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