How Nostradamus Predicted the Death of Facebook Pages. No, Really.

You liked the E-Mute Facebook page and we are grateful. but Nostradamus was right after all. Facebook pages are dead. The problem is that with the new Facebook policies the posts do not reach you. You have to hover over the word ”like” and then click on the ”get notifications” button. Check out the embedded Facebook post bellow with exact instructions on how to do it.
When the Facebook pages were first introduced it was a great new feature for anyone who wanted to put the word out about anything. Facebook themselves were promoting the new feature, the pages became very popular and everyone was happy. The Facebook team then decided to introduce a new feature. Advertising your Facebook page to get more likes. You had the option to target an audience that would be the perfect fit for your page by interest-based advertising. People who had before liked pages similar to yours. This was great for both sides.
How Nostradamus Predicted the Death of
But the latest new update was pretty much horrible and transformed the best (then) social media tool to something that has no point anymore (except if you have a bit of $$$ to spend).
Facebook, claiming that they cannot manage all updates coming out from every single page and Facebook profiles anymore decided to introduce something that is called Edge Rank. You can read more about it here it’s a great Tech Crunch post:
The algorithm basically predicts and decides if your post will appear on someone else’s feed or not, and the only offered option is to a) generate EPIC content that will reach more people because Facebook thinks it will be more appreciated by your audience and which is a ridiculously difficult task or b) pay to play.  There is this newer feature that of the Promoted Posts. You have to basically pay to reach your followers. To my eyes it is more like a blackmail. You advertised for likes, you spent lots of money to build your Facebook page and now you have a dead page or you pay to get the attention. And as a result Facebook is full of promoted posts and advertisments now. Big companies have a budget for it. What about indie musicians and other smaller artists and businesses? Not fair at all.
The E-Mute Facebook page at the moment has 5,897 likes and the average posts appears to 250 people. Dreadful.
So please follow these little steps bellow to stay connected with E-MUTE on Facebook and to get all the latest posts and updates.
Thank you very much! 🙂

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