Live Streaming Gigs, My Music Hangout & Google Plus Awesomeness

Live Streaming Gigs

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I had the honour and opportunity to be part of a great Google Hangout the other day.

Live Streaming GigsMy Music Hangout is an online Google+ community created by Christine DeGraff to support and promote indie musicians and their music. I had the luck to stumble upon her online, added her to my G+ circles and realised that she is involved with a lot of great things online. She is working for Circloscope which is a G+ (GooglePlus) managing app they’ve literally just gone live with their new improved version, and they put up an offer to help manage and promote G+ pages over a month’s period which I found it to be an awesome idea so I applied. It was a paid offer.

One morning I wake up, and while I was drinking my coffee and checking my e-mail I discover lots of G+ posts coming from Christine regarding my latest song “Miracle” plus a PayPal refund with this message:

‘’Theo, after listening to your music, I can’t take your money. This one is pro-bono and I am honored to help promote you! I absolutely LOVE your music!!!’’

After that Christine DeGraff and Dennis N. Duce who runs My Music Hangout together with Christine invited me to join a Google Hangout with subject:

Music On The Plus: Past, Present, Future with other guests:

Mark H.O.A. Seydel Mark is running a website HOAShows.Com, which showcases Google+ Hangouts On Air, plus he is involved in a myriad of other things,

Tom Rolfson is an entrepreneur and a man with an insane bio; one thing to notice is that since Google+ went live in June 2011, Tom Rolfson has been a leading visionary regarding the group video chat hangout technology.

Chris Foote, is a singer, guitarist and songwriter for the Grand Rapids, MI based band, Ars Nova who has previously performed on My Music Hangout . Chris is also a Google Glass Explorer and writes for TechDissected.


You can watch the video here:

For those who do not know what Google Hangout is, it’s video calling like Skype but Google has taken the concept to another level it’s actually video calling on stereoids. Obviously it is tied up to your Google account and your Gmail. Gmail, not many people realise this and are not using it to its full potential when they first sign up,  is not just an e-mail account, it is a Google account. As a Google account owner you have access to everything Google. Google Drive, Calendar, Google Play Store, Chrome Web Store, Google Maps, Google Docs, YouTube, Google Analytics, Google AdWords, Google Keep and so on. It is an OS on its own (Chrome OS), and it is what you use when you buy yourself a Google Chromebook. One of the available services is Google Hangout which is part of Google Plus (or Google+) and it is accessible right there from your e-mail; it’s that little camera icon underneath your inbox folders.

Google Hangout features include phone calls, video calling, group video calls up to nine people at the same time, Android and Apple apps, and the best feature of them all.

 Hangouts On Air:

Google Plus and Music Communities

Live streaming

Schedule broadcasts and go live in HD on Google+, YouTube, and your website. It will be recorded and automatically saved on your YouTube channel.

Live conversations

Host interactive conversations with people around the world. Take questions in advance from the community and answer the most popular ones live.

Live apps

Control when your participants are visible, adjust their audio and video, select who’s on the big screen, add custom banners, and more.

 You can find out more about it on Google’s dedicated website

While getting ready to start gigging again with E-MUTE, we are also getting our heads around organising a live streaming gig with My Music Hangout. Awesomeness (in its purest form) in the making!


Great stuff!
Theo, E-MUTE

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