“A song Dedicated to my father: Across the sea lyrics and video”

Across the Sea is the last song of the debut EP Too Proud to Say Loud.

What I love about Across the Sea is that the lyrics are vague and open for interpretation.

What I had in mind when I was writing the song was my father. My father and our relationship. He was a ship captain so the track title definitely hits the spot.

The reason that I wanted the song lyrics to be kind of mysterious and undetermined is that our relationship was quite like that. It is hard to describe it but as a child, you grow up with the rest of your family knowing that your father is ”somewhere out there”.

We were able to see him once every six to seven months and that was only when his ship was arriving somewhere in Europe. My mother myself and my sisters were jumping on an airplane to go and meet him. I still have a very vivid image of us travelling, arriving at a port in i.e. Italy, and then boarding on a small vessel that was taking us to my father’s huge ship. Back then he was working for the Greek Livanos family and their famous shipping empire, travelling all over the globe.

Boarding the ship was an experience on its own. You know how kids see the world… we had to climb up the pilot ladder (the ladder which allows people to board the ship from small boats) and then hug, kiss and greet our dad who was non-stop waving at us at the first moment he had seen us, surrounded by all of his crew. Chief officer, second officer, cadets, ship mechanics and normal seamen, nationalities from all over the world!

Spending time on the ship was great fun but that was it. A very brief moment, gone, and dad was already once again ‘somewherecout there’.

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My father retired when I was just finishing school but then he continued working, travelling with smaller ships around the Mediterranean.

This period was quite difficult for all of us. Me and my sisters had developed such a strong relationship over the years with our mother that our father had trouble adjusting to the family dynamics and vice versa. Over the years my father being away from us had created his own version of the family in his mind and quite righteously it is normal but it definitely shook up our family connections and we all had to adjust to the new circumstances.

Shortly after, I re-located to London to continue my music studies.

Far away from home I did not have the opportunity to spend a lot of time with my dad and get to know him as much as I would like to.

Whenever we had a chance, we were spending a lot of time together trying to get to know each other.

Wholeheartedly. Father and son.

Have you ever regreted not investing enough time with a person you love?

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Thanks for reading,
Theo, E-MUTE

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