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“Introduce yourselves- where are you from and who plays what?” E-MUTE Interview Alternative rock




Introduce yourselves- where are you from and who plays what?
We are E-MUTE. E-MUTE is a song-writer and also the name of the band. E-MUTE plays drums, keys, singing,  writing music and lyrics.

Tolis plays guitar and sometimes sings BV’s. Ellen is on the bass and also sings. Darren is playing the drums. And Niol also on the drums and singing. Niol has been replacing Darren whenever Darren cannot do a gig! (Busy man!)

Describe your sound and lyric style
I guess the sound is alternative rock with influences of electronica. They say Muse meets Franz Ferdinand, Foo-Fighters and Depeche Mode.

Who are your main influences?
Many influences really! Gone through periods listening to lots of different music since I was a kid. Started with silly mainstream pop (as kids do) went from that to heavy metal, thrash metal, death metal to hardcore, punk, grunge, classic rock, reggae, soul, RN’B, funk, jazz, fusion, classical,  drum n’bass, almost everything!

What else inspires you?
Except other music, life in general. I think that all experiences in life get filtered and then translate/transform into sounds and lyrics. Music, like any other form of science and art is just another way for human beings to discover themselves and the hidden little God in them. We have the power to create our own World and every song is basically a small Universe. An entity on its own that started with a Big Bang, which is the initial idea, and matures through evolution-development. Evolution is triggered through experience. You cannot experience anything without life. So definitely. Life is the biggest inspiration of them all. And sorry I love my science documentaries a bit too much!

Also my girlfriend. She keeps me going. She supports me 100 per cent and has helped me out in very difficult  moments.  I decided to start E-MUTE while I was still a drummer after my band with Scott James (ex-Stereophonics) split up. Not knowing what to do back then she motivated me and encouraged me to go deeper into song-writing and discover a part of me that I didn’t know it exist. I owe part of the birth of E-MUTE to her.

Musically we’re inspired by: Muse, Foo-Fighers, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, The White Stripes, Coldplay, Kasabian, David Bowie, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, The Police and many many more artists.

What are you working on now?
Getting mentally ready for the recording of the full album. Deciding which tracks are going to make it in there, re-inventing/re-visiting my demos with a fresh ear, rehearsing for our gigs, and then lots of band admin work which never ends…!

Are you touring now? When/where?
No we are not touring, we are gigging only in London at the moment and have applied to perform at many UK and EU festivals. Hard to get in for a new act but we will see. We have a good CV!

What can people expect at your live gigs?
People can expect loud,  good music. All the EP material, plus other tunes that will be recorded/produced soon. Also at gigs we play a full on band version of Across The Sea which will definitely be in the album.

Where can people check out your music?

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“What advice do you have for people who want to make a career in music”

Project Twitterview: 5 Questions with E-MUTE

sometimes I feel bad when people ask me what songs I like, because I just keep going and going and going…. why not do it here? =)

drummer, singer, ongwriter

Theo, E-MUTE

Posted by Jennai on 

In the mood for some good, dark edgy rock? Fused with electronica? Well then say hello to E-MUTE from London =) Man, why are UK bands so good?! Maybe I should move there? (haha yeah, only in my dreams)

Remember when after Nirvana ended, Dave Grohl made the Foo Fighters? That was the first thing that came to my mind when I found out about E-MUTE. Theo, who is the singer, song-writer, keyboardist and drummer (yes the man does almost everything it’s crazy) was so nice to answer my 5 questions.

It all started when I received a notification from my twitter blog account (the now suspended @songsjenailikes, RIP my baby) that the band had followed me… When something like this happens what I always do is check out the band, listen to their songs, and follow back and write about them in my blog if I like the music. Can you guess what happened with E-MUTE? =)

What inspired you to make music and who are your musical influences?
I started getting involved when I was a kid, absolutely fell in love with music. Started with drums, then piano, Theory lessons and never stopped! Went to music University, BA in Music Performance and then Masters in Music Performance/Composition. Making my own music it was a need I guess. It just happened. Was always experimenting with my own sounds but I was not really into writing from the beginning. My main focus for years  was to become a great drummer. Then gradually shifted to songwriting. A very important  reason for this shift was the experience I had with my old band with Scott James from the Stereophonics. We were together for about 2.5 years playing our own music, great band but eventually split up. After that I kind of decided to do everything on my own. Lyrics, music, arrangements even singing. I guess it  was just a subconscious effort to create music that  I would be able to control, by control meaning being independent. A band is something very fragile it can end from one day to the next. 4-5 people, different personalities often result to arguments. It is very easy for a band to split up. I don’t want my project to fall apart. So I started doing everything on my own

What is the most memorable experience in your music career so far?
Difficult question! So many great experiences! A great one was recording a track as a drummer for Pip Williams. Pip Williams is a  legendary producer has worked with Dido, Uriah Heep and many other famous artists. The session was fantastic. He is this kind of people who you meet and you can feel that there’s something there,  an aura about them. Very deep musical knowledge and an amazing ability to hone someone’s creativity. He didn’t tell me what to play. He let me free to play whatever I felt it was right for the song but then filtered my creativity through his creative channels. Amazing experience and very difficult to describe with words really! Magical is the word!

What is your dream project?
E-MUTE is my dream project. All I need to do now is work hard to develop it and make it even better. I have a great team of musicians around me that help me and support me by playing with me. Tolis, Darren, Svetlana, Ellen, Niol and Damien. They all go out of their way to come, rehearse and gig as E-MUTE and I thank them very much! It is an honour having such great musicians to support it!

What are your passions other than music?
Cooking, history and science. I eat everything that comes in my way! Indian, Chinese, Central European, Mediterranean, are some of my favorite cuisines and being Greek myself I have to admit that I have a soft spot for Greek cuisine. Guess because I’ve experienced Greek cuisine at it’s best by visiting lots of Greek islands trying specialities from every single taverna there! lol! I absolutely love history and science. History is all about  figuring out our past where science is all about learning about the world around us and the future. The ultimate question of man ‘’Who are we and what are we doing here?’’ Fascinating stuff. I think I  am a bit of a nerd after all! haha!

What advice do you have for people who want to make a career in music?
It is all about following our dreams in this life isn’t it? Take no prisoners. Work hard, learn from your mistakes be open-minded and forget the old-fashioned thinking of getting signed to a record label. DIY is the future for musicians. It takes much more effort and determination than ever before but also enables you to be artistically  free.  A successful DIY approach  is in fact the only way to actually land a record deal nowadays. But then if you get to that level you’ll have to ask yourself ‘’Do I really need one?’’

Listen to the EP Too Proud to Say Loud bellow:

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