A story about Milk

Hi guys,

Hope you’re all well!

Now…what follows for most of you will not make any sense… but it’ll gradually be revealed and it’ll make sense then! If you are following @emutemusic on Twitter then you have seen some Twitter conversations with the Elephant Keeper and other members of the… #Herd.

For those who have been coming to gigs, you probably have noticed a red clock on stage. From now on, next to it there will be a W.T.B.B.D (what The Big Boys Drink) milk carton next to it. you can spot the milk cartons and clock if you watch the Clock Moves Forward video too:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W3HUTDc4POs It’s like the ”spot the differences game” but not exactly…! These games are all about being sharp and quick! Can you find the ”milk in our video? πŸ™‚

Why? What’s that?

Well it is …Milk… Wikipedia says that Milk is a white liquid produced by the mammary glands of mammals. It is the primary source of nutrition for young mammals before they are able to digest other types of food. Early-lactation milk contains colostrum, which carries the mother’s antibodies to the baby and can reduce the risk of many diseases in the baby. Milk is an important food with many nutrients. But this Milk comes from the Elephant Milk Factory. Stay tuned.

We had an incident the other day where a trap was set for me by the Elephant Milk Factory. I have been accused many times that I am greedy, stealing the milk with every opportunity, and that I want all the #WTBBD milk for myself. So E.M.F, they decided to penalise with the Ultimate crude punishment for greed that only E.M.F knows how to deliver. The #Slipper.

Following is the Twitter story of how I ended up with the #Slipper. And not only with theΒ #Slipper but with #Sandals too this time because they just had enough of it:

The Elephant Keeper ‏@EMF09

@IamSarahHannah NEVER MIND ABOUT @emutemusic BUT I’VE #Herd! FROM THE #Herd! @lipstickupdates WAS EYING UP UR #Milk! pic.twitter.com/cFZ1wyHO

@MilkmaidofEMF LOOK AT THE SHEAR TERROR ON @emutemusic FACE!!! THE PLAN WORKED HE GOT THE #Slipper! I’LL EXPLAIN HOW? pic.twitter.com/qAC0hRDa

The Elephant Keeper ‏@EMF09 #TheDailyHerd! EXCLUSIVE!!!!!! READ THE FULL STORY INSIDE & #MilkSnaps @emutemusic GET’S THE #Slipper! FINALLY!!!! pic.twitter.com/hrOCV4jo

  • The Elephant Keeper ‏@EMF09

#TheDailyHerd! EXCLUSIVE!! IT’S OFFICIAL @emutemusic GET’S THE #Slipper! FULLY ACCOUNT ON TONIGHT’S NEWS TUNE IN! pic.twitter.com/mtwmcUkn

Chris Fordjour ‏@Roachchris69 @EMF09 @emutemusic Mr Mute must have had a major #Spillage cos he didn’t just the #Slipper, he got some #Sandals as well! #RealMilkThief

The Elephant Keeper ‏@EMF09 @jp83 @IamSarahHannah @mammydoula @chizzyakudolu 1ST A TRAP WAS SET 4 @emutemusic HE THOUGHT HE HAD A #MilkDelivery pic.twitter.com/XsBSWvIQ

The Elephant Keeper ‏@EMF09 @jp83 @Sar_hRutherford @mammydoula @chizzyakudolu @emutemusic WAS CHUFFED HE HAD A #MilkDelivery SO HE THOUGHT #Trap! pic.twitter.com/vgMrHw7L

The Elephant Keeper ‏@EMF09

@jp83 @Sar_hRutherford @mammydoula @chizzyakudolu THEN @emutemusic REALISED HIS #MilkDelivery! IS A TRAP! #Empties! pic.twitter.com/cYsf1D1s

The Elephant Keeper ‏@EMF09 @jp83 @Sar_hRutherford @mammydoula @chizzyakudolu THEN #Herd! PULLED OUT #Slippers! @emutemusic WAS SHOCKED!! #Trap! pic.twitter.com/e4LmlmPL

The Elephant Keeper ‏@EMF09 @jp83 @Sar_hRutherford @mammydoula @chizzyakudolu THEN THE INEVITABLE @emutemusic GOT THE #Slippers! FINALLY!!!!!! pic.twitter.com/8oaX8b1c

Mars Lord ‏@mammydoula @EMF09 @jp83 @Sar_hRutherford @chizzyakudolu @emutemusic That’ll learn him. #ifyouaintsippinyouslippin!

The Elephant Keeper ‏@EMF09

@mammydoula @jp83 @sar_hrutherford @chizzyakudolu MS DOULA THANKS 4 SUPPORT THE #Herd! GAVE @emutemusic THE #Slipper! pic.twitter.com/cwkmeNrG

That’s a long story short… More #Milk will be arriving for everyone! Rest assured that I will not stop even if I get penalized again with the Ultimate punishment.
You all need to have some milk so I’ll make sure you get some. Don’t worry! πŸ™‚
Thanks for reading,
Theo, E-MUTE

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