Many times I’ve been asked the question “Why E-MUTE?”

Hello guys,

Many times I’ve been asked the question “Why E-MUTE?”
The band’s name stands for Electric Mute. Electric because it is a rock band and Mute because the word has a very
metaphorical meaning for me.
After my first band with Scott James (ex-Stereophonics) split up and after having some familly issues,  I was lucky enough to get involved into session drumming. The band with Scott, and working with Scott was a great song-writing school for me.
Anyway. Back to the subject. I played for many artists and toured a lot. In the beginning it was very exciting. Finally, after so many years of practising, attending courses and music schools, I was earning my living through music.
Gradually, and actually rather quickly, I became disillusioned with session playing. Many times I had to play music that I didn’t enjoy and this was slowly eating me away…
When I wasn’t rehearsing I would spend my time on the piano, experimenting and humming away. Step by step I managed to complete some songs and the more I was songwriting, the more I wanted to dedicate to it.
After I recorded the first demos (11 songs) decided to quit session drumming and dedicate 100% in my music.
So “Mute” is basically a period where me, myself and I played music I didn’t enjoy, and  music that many times was finding uninspiring, while simultaneously writing music that I really loved. As a session drummer I had to shut up, do my part, get my wages and go. So yes. Mute… in an artistic sense. And what a great logo to go with it…!
Now I’m at this  stage of my life where I can actually enjoy 100% what I’m doing and have once more fun with my music.
Hence the title of the debut EP.
E-MUTE “Too Proud to Say Loud”. It is a statement. 🙂



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