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Hi guys,

Hope you’re all well,

Some good things are happening for E-MUTE, first of all our youtube video ”Across the Sea has been getting a lot of views which is amazing. Thank you all for the ”likes” and good comments!

The date for the ”Clock Moves Forward” video clip shoot is fixed now, and that is going to be very soon, 2nd of July!

We got a gig review from Mrs Jaz McKenzie, you can visit her blog ”It’s Braap”, to give it a read:

Here’s the link!

Also ”One on One Music” another music blog interviewed Mr Mute:

Click here!

Quite a few stations are playing Clock Moves Forward, Illusions and Flying, you can catch us on the radio now:

  • Skycast Indies Radio Show Portland, U.S.
  • Salford Radio, Aural Delights Show
  • Optical Radio
  • Canalside Radio
  • CY4Y Radio

Hope to see loads of you at our next gig in Surya on the 29th which is coming Friday.

Surya is in King’s Cross, 156 Pentonville Road, N1 9JL

We will be playing two new songs. ”Pink Elephant” and ”Stay”.

All the best,



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